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01/09/2014 - Brasil Signage Expo unites the world of digital signage in São Paulo

On September 18 and 19, the eyes of the digital signage world will be on Brazil. Less than a month out from the start, Brasil Signage Expo 2014 will bring together major global players in digital signage at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, to do business and discuss the direction and trends of the market. 

Brasil Signage Expo will show the visitor all the opportunities present in an industry that is growing impressively. The digitization of static signage is a global trend, which involves from small businesses to large corporations, and has an enormous impact on the advertising world and business in general. 

During the exhibition, the entrepreneur will be in contact with the largest companies in Brazil and the world in all areas of the digital signage and digital out-of-home (DOOH) sector, with hardware, software, captive audience, point of sale, high impact, and more. It will be possible to check out, on a live basis, cutting-edge technology that can be exploited to the maximum to transform a publicity campaign or a commercial establishment, among other possibilities. 

Brasil Signage 2014 International Congress 

The exhibition will be the biggest meeting point existing in Brazil and Latin America for the digital signage industry. It is the chance to be in direct contact with major industry professionals and clarify all doubts about a gamut of high-end technology with various levels of implementation, much of which is accessible to any size of business. 

Education of the market will be a key point, with two days of workshops. BroadSign is the Conference Sponsor of the Brasil Signage 2014 International Congress. During the two days of the exhibition, renowned professionals from the digital signage industry in Brazil and around the world will be talking and debating about trends, products, markets, and all the items that revolve around the world of digital signage. 

It will be, therefore, a unique opportunity for the professional who is already in the industry and wants to expand his activity within this promising growing market, for those seeking new professional horizons, and also for entrepreneurs of different sizes and from the most diverse areas who are thinking about installing digital signage in their companies and have doubts about how to proceed in this direction. 

On the first day (18), the visitor will accompany the seminar by ABMOOH (Brazilian Out-of-Home Media Association) — an important entity in the sector that supports the exhibition. The association organized the various discussions for the first day, with important national experts who will address the central themes in digital signage, such as operation, profitability, technology, and more. 

The second day of the Brasil Signage International Congress will have a number of international names — experienced professionals who will give an overview of the foreign market and how to efficiently manage and use this important resource that is digital signage. More information can be found on the webpage for the Congress: www.brasilsignage.com.br/pt/congresso.

The Industry 

Currently, digital signage is present not only in outdoor areas of large cities with attractive digital technology panels, but also in malls and their stores from various segments, in restaurants, airports, banks, bus stops, and street clocks, among other commercial points. 

The advertising industry is paying more and more attention to the possibilities of DOOH, integrating it into its marketing mix. Each day, digital signage grabs greater shares of the revenue from advertising campaigns, particularly because of its endless creative and technological possibilities. 

Digital signage has a strong presence in the educational area; for example, in schools, libraries, and museums, promoting interactivity between the audience and the content presented. 

The corporate world has noticed as a fundamental factor the digitization of static signage within its networks. Walls with paper are gradually being replaced by screens that inform and entertain employees, in addition to their use in the transmission of internal communications, target and management figures, and much more. 

Brasil Signage Expo 

Brasil Signage Expo is the first exhibition especially directed at the digital signage sector in Latin America. It takes place on September 18 and 19, 2014, in the Yellow Pavilion of Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. 

The exhibition comes to the Brazilian market thanks to a partnership between APS Feiras & Eventos and FESPA, a union that was highly successful for the staging of FESPA Brasil 2013, which was a milestone for the visual communication market in Latin America. 

BroadSign is the Conference Sponsor of Brasil Signage Expo. GM7 Digital Experience is the Gold Sponsor. Ymidia Digital Solution and Scala are Silver Sponsors. Philips is the Bronze Sponsor. The event has the support of ABMOOH, Ayuda, Digital Signage Brasil.com, Elemidia, JBtec Digital Signage, and Progic. 

Early registration to visit the exhibition and to discover all the innovations in the areas of digital signage and DOOH is now available at: www.brasilsignage.com.br/en/visitar/cadastro. Also, ‘like’ the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BrasilSignageExpo.

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