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10/09/2014 - Experts at BroadSign address fundamental issues at the Brasil Signage International Congress

Brasil Signage Expo 2014 is the first exhibition dedicated exclusively to digital signage in the Americas and takes place on September 18 and 19 in São Paulo. Another unprecedented action that will take place during the event is the Brasil Signage Expo International Congress, which aims to bring together big names in digital signage in Brazil and abroad to talk about the important theme. 

BroadSign is the Conference Sponsor of the Brasil Signage Expo 2014 International Congress — check the schedule on the following link: www.brasilsignage.com.br/pt/congresso. Additionally, the company will have two members of its team among the speakers: Daniel Parisien and Stephanie Gutnik. 

Daniel Parisien, the vice president of Marketing and Strategy at BroadSign, will deliver a lecture titled "Show me the money: How network operators can succeed in selling advertising". It takes place on September 19 at 3:40 p.m. 

Digital signage is increasingly being allocated to advertising budgets, which is why network operators need to know how they can benefit. This talk will discuss three changes in the game and how they will bring more money to the networks: the decline of prices in the market with the induction of Android, the adoption of digital signage by those who used static signage, and the programmatic purchasing of media. 

Daniel Parisien is a co-founder of BroadSign and has over 13 years of experience in management of cloud-based products, marketing, and sales techniques, and has guided the evolution of BroadSign products to a position among the leaders in the segment. 

The manager of business development and marketing at BroadSign, Stephanie Gutnik, will also present a lecture on the 19th, at 3 p.m., with the theme "What your mother never told you about digital signage". 

To enter and succeed in the field of digital signage can be a hard task for both beginners and veterans. In this presentation, learn how to get a global education about and support system from tried and true tips that will allow the participant to make sense of fragmented markets and snippets of information. 

Stephanie Gutnik oversees communication channels, investigates partnership opportunities, and writes adapted content about the trends in the industry based on international research. 

BroadSign and the education of the market 

BroadSign is known worldwide for supporting initiatives in the market in which it operates. According to Daniel Parisien, "we have a strong presence at international exhibitions and conferences associated with digital signage, printing, and audiovisual. Each year, we look closely at the main sectors and geographical locations of our clients and choose the events that we believe will best satisfy these factors".

The specialist at BroadSign addressed the fact that the company is the Conference Sponsor of Brasil Signage Expo 2014: "BroadSign believes that delivering free educational content related to the industry of digital signage is fundamental for its growth. We have a member of the team dedicated to attending a large variety of industry events, with the aim of staying ahead in relation to research and trends”. BroadSign shares its visions through frequent articles (available at: http://goo.gl/2TtUQg) and in a series of videos entitled Basic Notions of BroadSigning (http://goo.gl/kyr1Zu). Schedule a conversation with the BroadSign staff: http://goo.gl/aBRrd8

Brasil Signage Expo 

Brasil Signage Expo is the first exhibition directed especially at the digital signage sector of Latin America. It takes place on September 18 and 19, 2014, in the Yellow Pavilion of Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. 

The exhibition comes to the Brazilian market thanks to a partnership between APS Feiras & Eventos and FESPA, a union that was highly successful for the staging of FESPA Brasil 2013, which was a milestone for the visual communication market in Latin America. 

BroadSign is the Conference Sponsor of Brasil Signage Expo. GM7 Digital Experience is the Gold Sponsor. Ymidia Digital Solution and Scala are Silver Sponsors. Philips is the Bronze Sponsor. The event has the support of ABMOOH, Ayuda, Digital Signage Brasil.com, Elemidia, JBtec Digital Signage, and Progic. 

Early registration to visit the exhibition and to discover all the innovations in the areas of digital signage and DOOH is now available on the website at: www.brasilsignage.com.br/pt/visitar/cadastro. Also, like the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BrasilSignageExpo.

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