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29/09/2014 - Brasil Signage Expo 2014 makes history for digital signage in Latin America

A milestone in the history of digital signage in Brazil and Latin America is how Brasil Signage Expo 2014 was seen. It united professionals of the sector in São Paulo and proved that this is an environment full of opportunities, ready to receive investments. 

The numbers make clear the success of Brasil Signage Expo 2014. During the two-day exhibition, 2491 visitors passed through the Yellow Pavilion of Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. The exhibitors, representing dozens of brands, demonstrated many solutions with the latest technology. 

Proof of the positive result is in the confirmation of the second edition of Brasil Signage Expo, which will be held August 27–28, 2015, at the same venue. Many exhibitors present at the first edition have already confirmed their presence for next year. 

The unprecedented initiative of promoting a fair exclusively for the sectors of digital signage, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), and Corporate TV in the country, was a huge success. During the two days of the exhibition the corridors were packed with skilled professionals seeking solutions for their companies. 

The exhibitors were satisfied with the quantity and the quality of the public that visited their stands. They were able to present their equipment and solutions, answer questions from the public, get in touch with other players and industry professionals, and expand the visibility of their businesses.

ABMOOH Seminar

The ABMOOH Seminar promoted during the first day of Brasil Signage Expo also left its mark on the history of digital signage in Brazil. The public present completely filled the space reserved for the seminar, which was organized by ABMOOH (Brazilian Out-of-Home Media Association), thus proving the success of the initiative and the work done for the Seminar to be a success and actually collaborate with the market. 

Throughout the day, renowned professionals with a history of achievements in the market gave talks on topics directly related to the routine of the professional. Digital signage and DOOH at airports, on public transport, in large formats, technical standards, and much more: the day was a huge learning experience for those present. 

The managing director of ABMOOH, Ubiratan Macedo, who is known as Bira and is one of the main people responsible for the success of the ABMOOH Seminar, spoke about the results of the Seminar and Brasil Signage Expo: "It exceeded all expectations. The exhibition was better than expected due to the number of people visiting and, furthermore, due to the quality of the public, with professionals who come with the right questions, knowing what they want; and the Congress, full from the first to the last minute in all the lectures, due to the people`s interest. This is proof that we are a lively segment. We have professionals here from all over Brazil. The exhibition and Congress are milestones for digital signage in Brazil in every sense."

Ubiratan Macedo reinforces the partnership with Brasil Signage Expo: "After what we have seen here, it is very clear that it was 100% a step in the right direction and next year we just have to improve. I imagine that the exhibition will be much bigger and for sure we will dedicate ourselves to the seminar so that it is even better than it was this year. We are full of optimism for the coming year and happy that everything worked out", he concluded. 

International Congress 
The second day of Brasil Signage Expo 2014 was one more special day reserved for digital signage. The Brasil Signage International Congress gathered names from around the world and addressed topics related to digital signage. Professionals demonstrated their knowledge by talking about digital signage solutions and technology, software, hardware, installations, success stories, and many other points. 

BroadSign was Conference Sponsor of the initiative. The vice president of Marketing and Strategy, Daniel Parisien, was also one of the speakers and he mentioned the following: "Education in digital signage is very important for BroadSign and for the entire market. The new entrepreneurs are seeking information on how to develop a digital signage project and the best practices for success. We have been investing in material for quite some time, with videos and blogs on the subject". He finished by talking about the International Congress: "We had different presentations that can really help the Brazilian market, and they included information about content, standards, integrations, audience measurements, and other important points related to the current state of digital signage."


During the two days of the exhibition, the exhibitors at Brasil Signage Expo 2014 noticed the unprecedented opportunity to present their solutions in equipment and services to a high-quality focused audience. The outcome was extremely satisfactory, with gleaming results even during the fair. 

Those who exhibited at Brasil Signage Expo: verified the quality public; finalized business; obtained contacts to be worked on post-show; took questions from entrepreneurs of the large national companies that were at the event thinking about how to bring this technology to their companies; and have already confirmed their presence for the 2015 edition. 

Elcio Hardt, product manager for the digital signage area of Philips, stated: "We are positively surprised by the level of activity and the high standard of the public at Brasil Signage Expo. Even though it is the event`s first time in Brazil, our stand was always full. The high-quality public brought concrete questions, with experienced clients in the segment. And we had the opportunity to talk about our products which have been manufactured in Brazil since March, with three years guarantee. We are very pleased by this and we will leave with much business already underway." 

Daniel Parisien, vice president of Marketing and Strategy at BroadSign, points out: "Brasil Signage Expo was very important for BroadSign. We have been investing in the country since 2007; it is an important market and one of the fastest-growing globally. The exhibition also helped us to meet with our partners in the country."

Rodrigo Lemos, marketing analyst at GM7 reports: "We were happy to participate at Brasil Signage Expo. As a Gold Sponsor I liked the visibility that the exhibition is giving us. We have been presenting innovative products and right from the first day we have been obtaining many good contacts. It is an exhibition worth investing in and we hope that it helps to develop even more the digital signage market in Brazil, which still has much growth ahead of it."

The Silver Sponsor of Brasil Signage Expo 2014, Ymidia, had its expectations surpassed: "We had really great access to many suppliers in the market. Many different pillars of technology, software, infrastructure, and players. It was a landmark for those who work and believe in this digital signage market.  It is fundamental to have an event bringing together professionals from all over Brazil together with different solutions in hardware and software technology”, says the director Daniel Farhat. 

Brasil Signage Expo 2014 featured international exhibitors such as the Portuguese company Closer. According to Fernando Matos, the founder and CEO of Closer, "The exhibition was interesting. We saw several types of visitors and we created some opportunities during the event. Now we need to see what happens next." The company made the global launch of Pressentime during the exhibition, and pleased the crowd in its stand with a mix of magic and technology. 

For the founder and Director of Innovation at Progic, Igor Gavazzi Vazzoler, an exhibition in the sector has been a long time coming: "We backed it because we want it to be a permanent fixture in the market, and it exceeded our expectations. We had a team of nine people and at times all were serving customers and had people waiting to talk with us. It certainly was very good and we took the opportunity to release some new things for our customers, such as a new graphical interface and a line of HDMI products. No doubt we will participate in the next Brasil Signage Expo." 

AV Life has the same view. According to marketing manager Tiziano Pereira Mazza, who presented new innovations for HDMI signal distribution: "The first year of the exhibition has been very busy, generating many contacts for us in the digital signage market.  No doubt we will participate next year." 

Bruno Gianzanti, founding partner and CEO of JBTec Digital Signage, speaks about the results achieved at the event: "Here at JBTec we were positively surprised with the results of the exhibition. Lots of people came, checked out the stand, and raised interesting questions. It is interesting to see the gathering of such a large qualified public here in São Paulo. The exhibition was amazing for us. We made many commercial and technological contacts with other companies that are also at the exhibition."

Orion PC thought the exhibition was excellent, as reports the director Edson Camilo De Conti: "The exhibition was excellent for us. The quality of the people who visited the event surprised us more than the quantity.  The idea of ​​participating in an exhibition is something that the market has had a shortage of in the field of digital signage in general. We brought new innovations to the exhibition, like the demonstration of a augmented reality software, which was unprecedented in Brazil, plus a vending machine and other solutions such as our specialty, computing platforms."

The exhibition featured the launch of products and technologies such as The Pole Society. The marketing director, Carlos Felipe dos Santos Rocha, talks about BSE 2014: "For us at The Pole Society of Latin America, the exhibition was a success. Our stand was full during the two days. This was the first event in the industry in Latin America and we are sure that it will be the first of many. We brought, together with our partners, our global platform and we performed, here at the exhibition, the Latin America launch, with the goal of democratizing digital media."

Comunicar TI also took advantage of Brasil Signage Expo 2014 to launch its solution, Comunicar TV: "BSE was a great exhibition and was the opportunity to launch our product, a platform developed in Android which we had been working on for two years. And the exhibition was the chance to insert the product into the market. We got to know many people and companies that are in a growing market. Now we have to consolidate the business that we started at the fair”, reported Mario Faber Soares, partner-owner of the company. 

Rafael Oliveira Alves, director of RF Mídia, presented the company`s software at Brasil Signage Expo and also left satisfied: "We were flattered to participate at BSE. It is our first exhibition. We saw a large movement of interested people who already understand the subject, as with indoor media. We had big companies in the mix, already well known in the market. It was a pleasure to participate. I hope that it happens next year and I`m sure it will be a success just like this year."

Novamidia presented its digital signage solutions with indoor media and also obtained interesting results. Márcio Henrique Santos Coqueiro, from the Commercial and Business Development area at Novamidia, says that "the experience was very good. We received a public more focused on that which we offer. This will bring us many rewards in the future." 

The public present also left pleased with what it saw at Brasil Signage Expo 2014. Programmer Alan Avelar, from São Paulo, considered the gathering of the companies in the segment to be interesting: "I came to know about the operation of some software and this technology, which is increasingly gaining space in the market and is here to stay. Here was the right place for those who wanted to know more about this, there was plenty to see."

Paulo Carmo is the person responsible for IT Guest Technologies Innovation for Accor Hotels and he talks about how digital signage works in his sector: "I came to join in the exhibition to find out what we can adapt for our guests. Increasingly, we are moving from “customer satisfaction” to “customer experience”, and these experiences are increasingly focused on technology. Accordingly, I see the solutions available and I am very pleased with what I have seen."

Working for eight years in indoor media, businessman Jeremias Aguiar, from Atibaia (SP), also liked what he saw: "We have an application in the area of ​​digital signage. It is the first exhibition I have been to in Brazil. The organizers should be congratulated. We hope to come here for the next edition, who knows even as exhibitors." More information about Brazil Signage Expo can be found on the website: www.brasilsignage.com.br and on the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/BrasilSignageExpo.

The high resolution photos are available: www.brasilsignage.com.br/pt/imprensa/fotos.

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