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26/04/2017 - Audience record marks the ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil 2017 and proves the strength of the printing market

ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA  Brasil 2017 recorded a great success of audience and generated businesses with breaking records in visitation. There were 15.154 unique visitors, exceeding all the other three previous editions of the exhibition in the country, reinforcing that Brazil has a strong printing industry, competitive and ready to overcome all the challenges imposed by the market.

The optimism of the segment is proven by the exhibitors’ statements, who unanimously highlighted that the exhibition surpassed all proposed goals. Many exhibitors reported that between the second and the third day they had already achieved the goal set for the whole exhibition in addition to the contacts which will be maintained during the year.

Visitors from all regions of Brazil and from abroad went through the corridors witnessing digital printing launches for different segments such as visual communication, signage, textile, low print runs, variable data and much more; these are solutions which transform the production concepts of printing companies.

Alexandre Keese, director of FESPA Brasil, celebrates: "ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil was a tremendous success. It was four days of crowded corridors, professionals from all the Brazilian states, international visitors, all seeking new technologies in hardware, software and Substrates, innovations that truly conquer a special place in your business. What's the most modern in the world has been in here . We have a mission accomplished."       

Neil Felton, CEO of FESPA, highlights the unique success of FESPA Brasil: "FESPA Brasil 2017 is by far one of the best exhibitions I have seen in Brazil or around the world. You just needed to have a look at the corridors. The way to measure whether an exhibition is good it’s by the customer response. And they unanimously said that the exhibition was fantastic. We have here the best worldwide rate of visitor per square meter in an exhibition. This is fantastic and shows that the market energy is very strong".

Optimism and Confidence mark ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil

FESPA’s CEO carries on:" We talked to a customer who said: people are smiling. And this is a good sign. When Brazilians are smiling, Brazilian economy is heading in the right direction and I'm sure that printing has a positive future in Brazil. A great growth of this market will be seen in Brazil in the next years", noted Felton.

Michael Ryan, FESPA's Exhibition Manager - Americas, agrees with such point: "There’s a lot of optimism coming to the event; I saw buyers and the main people in Brazil’s sector checking what’s new in the industry. The numbers are incredible. We are really happy. Brazil is getting better all the time and I think there is a really good mixture here because on one side we have ExpoPrint Digital’s commercial printing and the FESPA’s large format printing on the other. The fusion is incredible. We have a great feeling about the exhibition. I’m really positive about the timing of the industry and we’ll have a great future."

Eduardo Sousa, president of Afeigraf, the organizer of ExpoPrint Digital, comments on his opinion about the exhibition: "What we saw at ExpoPrint Digital was the search for new solutions, ideas and concepts that will be integrated into graphic areas in Brazil.  Caravans with businessmen  have come from all over the country and this proves high trust is everywhere and investment has returned. The exhibitors told us about the completion of important businesses and new contacts that will be maintained afterwards."

Expectations of FESPA Brasil exhibitors are exceeded by a qualified audience

What the FESPA Brasil exhibitors noticed with the crowded corridors and stands was something more than a large audience, the quality of the professionals who went to the stand ready to make investments knowing what they wanted.

Bernardo de Lima Galvão, Brazil regional sales manager for MS Printing Solutions, the FESPA's Solutions company Partner around the world, tells: "As every year, FESPA Brasil is interesting for keeping in touch with customers, providing support and explaining the new technology available in the market. This year was very busy with a lot of customers' access to our stand; the exhibition days were very positive."

Galvão carries on commenting on the scope of the exhibition in Latin America: "Good visitation helps to consolidate our brand. We have a global brand and in every FESPA we can highlight MS in Brazil and throughout South America. We had clients from Argentina, Chile and Peru visiting our stand, collaborating to reinforce our name on the continent. "

The distinguished public was mentioned by Edissa Furlan, Brasil HP’s Graphic Arts Marketing Manager: "The exhibition was a pleasant surprise. I have two things to emphasize. The first is youth: the entrepreneurs of the future started to look at machines and are interested. I met very interesting people, young entrepreneurs from the country, who through the internet, designing and printing are seeing potential businesses. I talked to people like this every day. The other matter is the people who already know this technology and are buying the second and third machines: they believed, bet and now are going after more technology.”

Mimaki Brasil showed well-received news, as Alexandre Feitosa, commercial supervisor at Mimaki Brasil points out: "FESPA Brasil was excellent for Mimaki. We have achieved great results. The amount of clients we received in our stand due to the positioning near the entrance of the exhibition was very positive. Customers loved the great news as they entered the event. The public itself has brought new business to Mimaki and we are contributing to them. "

Anderson Clayton, marketing manager of Roland DG Brasil, also points out the qualified audiences: "The visitation was excellent, from a well-qualified, informed and determined audience. We expect to achieve great results after the exhibition, closing good deals in the coming days. As for the 2017 market we are very optimistic and view an infinitely more credible scenario than last year."

Fabio Cestari, regional manager of Serilon, talks about the importance of the exhibition to the market: "We’ve decided to come really focused on two main brands of supplies that we distribute: Starflex and Starpac. The main objective was to reinforce the positioning of these two brands. Having an overall view of the exhibition, we had a very good performance and will have very interesting results. Great opinion makers from our segment were in our stand discussing about the entire product line: equipment, inks and supplies we usually distribute. It was a wise choice. We are very happy with our participation and all the businesses we projected through the meetings held at our stand."

With equipment being presented for the first time in the country, Durst was successful at the exhibition. Ricardo Pi, General Director of Durst Brasil, comments: "FESPA Brasil has surprised us every year. And in 2017 it was no different. Many decision makers, bussinessmen came to FESPA willing to buy equipment. Then we had a very good audience quality and a good amount of visitors". The Chief Operating Officer from AMPLA's Digital Printers, Sidnei Marques states: "We’ve received in our stand professionals who mostly decide on the company's investments. This differential combined with the products and services that AMPLA brought to the exhibition - The ELITE RR LED UV; the launching of the AMPLA National Consortium; and the lecture 'Understanding the total cost of ownership of a digital printer – TCO', made the event exceed our initial expectations.”

Felipe Sanchez, the CEO of Global Química & Moda, celebrated the company's results at the exhibition: "The balance is the best it can be. I can certainly say that FESPA has exceeded all our expectations. It’s the third time we’re here and you will certainly see us many times because Global sees the evolution of the exhibition. The audience came with decision-making power: they are managers, directors, business owners. When you have a qualified audience, you leave the exhibition with businesses implemented and forwarded, so the result is much more measurable. We left very satisfied with the result of the participation and certainly we will participate other times, certain of the very great evolution attributed to FESPA.”

ExpoPrint Digital shows solutions to transform graphic production

ExpoPrint Digital was once again the exhibition where digital printing is a highlight. Commercial print solutions focused on differentiated and customized print with a speed of production in low runs and variable data were present. And the exhibitors noticed the high interest of the market in integrating these pieces of equipment in their companies.

Xerox's executive director, Márcio Mattos, talks about the successful path the company has taken: "The balance of the exhibition is extremely positive, the number of customers extremely high, covering all regions of the country showing the diversity of our market. So I believe it was a wonderful opportunity at a time when the economy is showing signs of reaction and the biggest reflection is this exhibition. This shows that we are on the right track and Xerox is very happy to be there capturing the opportunities that the market presents with its strong portfolio."

Konica Minolta brought news to the exhibition in digital printing. Karen Nakamura, marketing supervisor, tells how it was: "For Konica Minolta it was very good. Compared to last year we saw a bigger affluence. Our stand was full from the beginning to the end of the exhibition to check digital printing launches. We are expecting good business for this exhibition."

The goals set for T&C were all met, as reported by Washington Gomes, sales coordinator: "This is the first participation in this year’s exhibition and it was very productive. Customers came in masses. On the second day we overreached the goal for the entire exhibition. On the third day we sold eight pieces of equipment in few hours with great client’s acceptance. We have sold about two pieces of equipment per hour. We exceeded a thousand times our expectations.”

The positive direction of the market was seen by Hadriano Domingues, Director of Planning and Marketing at Alphaprint: "Alphaprint came with an institutional participation showing the portfolio which we operate in most of the different segments. We noticed a good vibration from the public. A busy exhibition with a confident and motivated audience. We felt people being more positive."

Cristiane Borato, Marketing Supervisor at OKI Data from Brasil, reports: "ExpoPrint Digital is an important exhibition for us at OKI which focuses on the graphic market. We show the machines working and the samples with everything that can be printed in this segment. There is much to do so we want to show what can be done within the market."

Executives from around the world attest the quality of ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil

ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil is recognized for being an international exhibition with visitors from all over Latin America. It is the moment for executives and representatives of multinational companies to visit the exhibition and to deepen into the national market.

Ricoh had a strong participation during ExpoPrint Digital 2017. Angel Bustamante, Director of Production Printing Business Group of Ricoh Latin America was present and stated: "The exhibition is excellent, exciting. A lot of movement from the first day with a high flow of visitors who are checking technology and graphic arts solutions that we make available to our customers in order to deliver a more completed final product."

Giuseppe Begnini, sales manager of EFI Reggiani, noticed the business at FESPA Brasil: "The exhibition was very good because the customers who came were really interested knowing the machines they wanted to buy. We made a deal with a machine in the exhibition at the sublimation area and this is very good for us at EFI Reggiani. "

Clément Mateu, CEO of Hexis Group, was in Brazil to announce a partnership with Sid Signs and was positively surprised with the exhibition: "We are very happy to come to Brazil for the first time and participate in this FESPA event. Hexis is a french manufacturer and we have a partnership around the world with FESPA. It is very cool to see in this event the market development and the quality of the people who came. "  

The professional audience was also felt by David Pachón, CEO of PrintLat: "It was done a good work in attracting quality audiences. I've been to many signage exhibitions and felt that here are the companies’ directors, with professional dialogues, straightforward questions, from someone who knows what he’s talking about". For Heberto Pachon, President of Imidia: "We are satisfied with two main points: the number of people and the level of the public”. The great amount of visitors during the four days, all very enthusiastic. We see Brazil’s activity coming back with costumers making several orders".

Shyamal Desai, the DuPont Advanced Printing Marketing Manager was in Brazil to check the success of the initiative: "This exhibition has been absolutely fantastic and we are very happy to be part of FESPA Brasil." DuPont is proud to serve its clients and partners well and an exhibition like this is always a great place to see all of them working with us and getting to know our products. DuPont has also reaped positive results from its Tyvek Dupont line, the material used to create the exhibition map.”

For Marina Valente, Tyvek's commercial leader: "The exhibition was very busy, a lot of the printing industry looking for innovation and that is what we brought to the market: innovation through Tyvek printing Substrate."

Jorgen Lindahl, sales manager of SPGPrints, focused on the high interest in digital printing technologies: "Here at the SPGPrints stand the balance was very good. The company saw a great interest in digital printing, especially in machines but also in inks and supplies." Such a vision is shared by Gastón Giudice, Director of Business Development in Latin America at Caldera: "FESPA Brasil 2017 was very busy with many interesting prospects, many businessmen in the corridors looking for solutions and new applications."

For Fred Desmaret, director of Emball'Iso, who represents Arplac: "It's an exhibition that really appeals to the entire visual communication industry. The move was very good. For our first participation and partnership with Mimaki the return was very positive in terms of contact and people interested in working with new Substrates."


Innovation in solutions is highlighted at ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil

ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil has once again proven being the launching ground for innovative and differentiated solutions to help the printing professionals in their production demands. Signing's senior product specialist, Armando Dias, highlights FESPA as a stage for innovation: "The balance is always positive besides being able to see what happens in the market we are always chasing after new technologies, upgrades and so we keep understanding what happens. I see that FESPA always brings the most modern and current. Today the focus is digital printing, part based on sublimation and the other on visual communication."

Alltak has taken several ways of thinking about the personalization of environments to FESPA Brasil, as director Marcelo Souss says: "We are happy to have participated again. First of all to see the exhibition growing with quality audience, incredible. We made a lot of business at FESPA Brasil and had a strong acceptance of our products with our stand always busy, with different environments. We achieved our goals with a lot of news attached because the limit is the creativity of each one of us. I already look forward to the next edition of the exhibition!”

Marcio Caillaux, general manager of Marabu, says: "We had a very good exhibition and were impressed with the quality of the audience: they are really decision makers, influencers”. Marcelo Chagas, chief technology officer of SAi International, was also pleased to show his software technology: "FESPA Brasil 2017 exceeded my expectations. The SAi stand is a classroom with the intention of always giving support to the customer. We had a lot of interested people who really want to buy new solutions. Overall, it was a success."

Edsel Lonza, business development manager at ITL LAM, celebrated another FESPA Brazil with good results: "This year was very interesting for us. Audience’s quality and quantity are getting better. In our case we saw many people interested in the ultraviolet technology so it was another year of success with the participation in FESPA Brasil and present the new version of LED technology”. BR Group was yet another winner of the exhibition, as the commercial director Marcos Brambatti shows: "It was a very interesting exhibition. The audience has quality and so we did a lot of business, we are totally satisfied with the results."


CAMBEA 7 gives the champion the ticket for the World Cup in Germany


Four days of a fierce contest, high technical level and excitement until the end. Thus was CAMBEA 7, which again had FESPA Brasil as its home. The enveloping community held a large gathering at the exhibition.

This year, the title went to the gauchos of Ellite & Prime, the pair Pablo de Castro and Beto Quadros, followed in second place by Fosco & Cia. and third by Genesis. The winner from Santa Maria (RS) spoke about the excitement of taking home the prize: "We just came to have fun and personally meet friend from the enveloping. As it was our first time the only goal was to be among the top five. Reaching the final was already being a champion and to take the title home was incredible, unexplainable. We would like to thank CAMBEA all the sponsors and all our supporters."

Marcelo Souss, organizer of CAMBEA 7, talks about the results: "CAMBEA is the biggest enveloping championship in the world with a Brazilian touch. It's all that takes: Justin Pate at CAMBEA Lab teaching the people to envelop; a very high level at CAMBEA Pro; everyone beating a record at CAMBEA Fast by enveloping the hood. The main thing is the applicators' party; we have professionals from all regions of the country. CAMBEA unites a class and we use a material with Alltak's shine in cars. May there be lots of years to come in this partnership."

Alexandre Keese, director of FESPA in Brazil, spoke about the importance of the tournament: "CAMBEA is a sensational championship, very well organized, incredible at the technical level. And the winning team now goes to FESPA in Hamburg for the world championship, the Wrap Masters, and I am sure that this year the cup will come to Brazil!"

Educational Congresses and FESPA Showroom give more options to the visitor

FESPA Brasil 2017 provided during four days its Educational Congresses aimed at boosting demand generations within the national printing market. This happens within the "Profit for Purpose" mission - FESPA Brazil.

The Auditorium was packed all four days with professionals aiming to develop different techniques and businesses, understanding new markets and technologies, asking questions, optimizing their current processes and seeking new horizons.

Alexandre Keese emphasizes the mission of always sharing knowledge: "We have the vision that the professional has to be prepared in a number of ways, in terms of technology, knowing the best materials, and being aware of the market landscape. Here he found this information within our three congresses."

Global Química & Moda was a Sponsor of the Digital Textile Conference. CEO Felipe Sanchez discusses the relevance of the initiative: "We talked about digital stamping as a tool for creating fashion. It was great to see the interest of the participant. The lecture got full very quickly and there were even people watching from outside. It shows how the market was interested in digital printing in general. We saw both those who were in the market and could diversify in digital printing as well as those who wanted to get into digital printing. It is very nice to see that people visited the exhibition as a place for seeking knowledge. This is our essence: to add technical knowledge to the product."

Jorgen Lindahl, sales manager of SPGPrints, tells about his experience: "The talk was very good. A lot of people came along and seemed interest. We showed the technology of our new products so that customers could see what the best option for their business is”. Shyamal Desai, Marketing Manager at DuPont Advanced Printing, reported: "FESPA has given us a fantastic opportunity to launch the new Artistri ink for sublimation. And what is very positive about this ink is that now we are going to expand to a wide range of Printheads and viscosities ".

Jefferson Gomes, manager of the city of Belém (PA), closely followed the event: "I work in the area of ​​sublimation gifts in small lots and Sublimation Day is essential for me. I found the lectures and the exhibition itself great with exhibitors always focussed. I'm talking directly to the manufacturer, asking questions, which counts a lot, because it gives us more confidence. Having a congress like this is always good; it gives us a sense of appreciation, it is fundamental to have a moment for us, focused on sublimation, which Sublimation Day was all about.”


Rogério Cavalcante, an autonomous professional from Niterói (RJ), came to the exhibition in search of new business and knowledge: "I want to open a company in the sublimation business and I came to see what is more interesting to focus on. I’m studying indeed, looking for proposals, new machinery because I believe that sublimation has a vast field of commercial interest. The exhibition is wonderful with excellent professionals approaching very well the themes and products that they present. This is highly modern new information. It was worth coming from Rio de Janeiro and I’m dazzled by everything I’ve seen here."

Marcelino Junior, graphic producer from Fortaleza (CE), details: "We always try to participate in the exhibitions to be aware of what happens on the market. As a graphic producer this is a must because we will implement this into our daily routine bringing more solutions to the costumers. I was very pleased with Sublimation Day because it’s a growing market and a business niche that has pushed the local and national economy. Here you are able to see the market trends and the solutions to be added. It was definitely beneficial and bringing yourself up to date constantly is essential.”

Visitors to FESPA Brasil witnessed the FESPA Showroom, a space built in partnership with exhibitors and the TopColors team. The purpose was to show the most varied applications resulting from digital printing. Keese completes by talking about this novelty: "We had a successful opening at FESPA Showroom which has innovated and shown to the visual communication professionals new applications and features to innovate within their business as well."


Audience confirms ever evolving market at ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil

The qualified public that visited ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil was fully satisfied with what they found. This is the case of Dimas Fernando, a businessman from Pernambuco: "I’m very enthusiastic about the degree of innovation that exists in our market. And these exhibitions contribute to the sector’s growth with the development of the companies that work in this segment. We have to congratulate the exhibition for its magnitude and I hope that these initiatives will be encouraged more often."

Adenio Queiroga, from São Luis (MA) addressed the technology presented in the stands: "I found it very interesting. It’s an opportunity for those who live far from the big centres to get to know the news. The digital printing machines are interesting and affordable.”

Richard Benitez, a graphic designer, came from Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, to Brazil to see what is new for his work: "This is the third time I have been to the exhibition. I’ve seen the innovation of printing, technologies that I think are going to "take over" the market. Brazil has the news and that is what we are looking for: innovation to take home.”

Eurico de Melo Filho, from Curitiba (PR), is a businessman in the nanotechnology segment and went to the exhibition to have a look at the news and a market overview: "The exhibition has many innovations and consolidated technologies. We saw a lot of innovation. The companies are focussed and we had access to the exhibitors. We achieved progress for our company with good partners."

The importance of the grafic industry is emphasized by Cintia Ozório, a businesswoman from Nova Friburgo (RJ), "Every time I came I took every opportunity to innovate and improve the graphic area more and more. We always see novelties. We born grow and live depending on graphics so why not innovating all the time? And the exhibition helps in this issue, always presenting the market opportunities that help us a lot to grow more and more.”

Check out more statements from important exhibitors and visitors from all over Brazil which assures the quality of ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil 2017:

Cleiton Ribeiro, commercial manager at Bremen Sistemas: "ExpoPrint Digital exceeded our expectations. We had a 60% increase compared to last year, met new clients, had contact with caravan businessmen from all over the country and talked to our current customers to strengthen our relationship. APS Exhibitions is part of our history of success."

Ciro de Lima, director of Convertech: "FESPA Brasil is an exhibition with businessmen who know it from outside Brazil. They are opinion-makers who know the market and want new ideas, something out of the box. We loved the exhibition and we are already making plans for the next ones. We had the initial idea to take different proposals to the people and were able to do what we wanted.”

Ana Paula Paschoalino, Director of VP Máquinas: "Our stand was always busy. Graphics are much more familiar with the words Point of Sale and Visual Communication. This year the transformation was clear specially with the exhibitors. Increasingly, the graphics area is having the need for expanding its core business and the number of our machines because they have a very large market size and very affordable investment, all in all very attractive. We also felt a strong presence of international visitors."

Carlos Vargas of Fermaplast commercial department: "The exhibition had an amazing quality of customers. We are used to participate in exhibitions and could see that the public here is very selective. For us it was very satisfactory.”

Guilherme Vasconcelos, Shumi's sales department: "The exhibition was very productive. It has brought a lot of customers for production and textile printing with a huge demand.  We will surely have big sales. We also saw a huge interest for smaller machines by small and mid-sized business entrepreneurs who were here and liked it. We have had a lot of sales of these machines during the exhibition and overall it was very good."

Edinéia Mates, VersaPic's national sales leader: "The market is reacting well and wants to invest again. The exhibition was again very good, the staff’s very positive to make business and our solutions have been very well accepted."

Erica Medeiros, Aplike sales coordinator: "FESPA Brasil was an excellent exhibition. It's a great pleasure for all of us at Aplike and we have hundreds of new contacts to work on after it.”

Yure Fontes, director of TMT: "The exhibition was surprisingly very good. A lot of business happened at the exhibition. We had good clients, focused, aiming to make real business. In summary, an excellent audience."

Rogério Otsuka, Sansuy product manager: "The quality of the visitors was very good. We are very pleased to be present at FESPA Brasil 2017 and show our national tissues to the public. We believe that we will have more business based on the contacts we made during the exhibition.”

Edson Lee, Zumaq manager: "The exhibition was very interesting this year. Very specific people from the market came knowing what they wanted. We could see the feedback already during the exhibition. It was a very good year for us."

Júlio César, Exfak Managing Director: "It was the first time we participated in FESPA Brasil and it was excellent. We had sales at the exhibition itself and a great visitation in the stand which was packed during the four days."

Sergio Gotti, commercial director of Sertha Brindes: "The exhibition was very good. The audience is extremely selected. It’s the second year we participated and had results that exceeded our expectation. Our order book had finished. We had a successful launch.”

Mario Domingues Faria, director of MCF Máquinas: "I had been here last year and it was good. We came back this year and it was even better. We made good deals every day. I’m surprised by the optimism of the market. We could reach our goals.”


Guilherme Reinheimer, a businessman from Campinas (SP), reported: "I liked the exhibition. The visit is interesting because you can always get something to add to your work. I really liked the printers that print blank as well as the new Substrates. It is fundamental getting to know something new.”

Lucas Paiva, businessman, São Paulo (SP): "It's the first time we came and we liked it a lot. It's a very clean exhibition, very beautiful. We can get in touch with new costumers and meet those who already have our products. Besides the good connection, feedback is essential. And the exhibition contributed for searching new products. "

Raul Xavier, commercial department, Guarulhos (SP): "It's my first time at the exhibition. What fascinated me most was the variety and quality of products. They are very high quality products that offer a sensational standard. This is very important because we have to offer the best to our customers."

Mauricio Eiras Gomes, businessman, Jundiaí (SP): "I found the exhibition very good and I’ll come back to have a better look at the products. I’m from the sublimation area and am looking for plotters in the sector. I saw several ones that looked very modern which can help me.

Sandra Monteiro, businesswoman, Cuiabá (MT): "The exhibition is very up to date with a lot of news. I liked to be here on this first day and I will come back for another two days to watch everything. We work in the graphic area and we like the gift section; we saw many options for that segment at the exhibition.

Upcoming exhibitions

In 2018, ExpoPrint Latin America shall take place, the largest printing event in the Americas, from the 20th to 24th of March at the Expo Center Norte, Blue and White Pavilions. The exhibition is held by Afeigraf (Association of Suppliers of Equipment and Supplies for the Graphic Industry). ExpoPrint takes place in parallel with ConverExpo, an exhibition in the digital converting sector held by Abflexo / FTA-Brasil (Brazilian Technical Flexography Association).

The next edition of ExpoPrint Digital / FESPA Brasil is scheduled for March of 2019 again in the city of São Paulo.

Check all the information on the websites: www.fespabrasil.com.br/en and expoprintdigital.com.br/en.

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